Open and Shut Case

SERIES:  Transformed By His Presence

TITLE:   Open and Shut Case

TEXT:  Romans 14:13-19 (p.949)




The world will not be changed by (well-organized church programs), magnificent (church buildings), better functioning (church systems), more and longer (meetings), or even passing by-laws. The world will be changed by you and me each doing our part by being a (follower of Jesus Christ).




What are some stumblingblocks that people put up that hinder the message of “Come to Jesus?”

1. (Clothing). “Behold, those who are dressed in splendid clothing and live in luxury are in king’s courts.” Luke 7:25

2. (Church buildings) “Buildings are boxes. Boxes don’t move. Boxes don’t grow. Boxes don’t last. Boxes don’t care.”

3. (Judgmentalism)

4. (Apathy)


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