Two Sides of a Coin

SERIES:  Transformed By His Presence

TITLE:   Two Sides of a Coin

TEXT:  Matthew 27:3-10 (p.833); John 21: 15-19 (p.907)


  1. A LIFE OF TRAGEDY      


Form of Judah which means (Jehovah leads)


3 common answers to problem of Judas:

    1. Traditional answer is (Calvinist) doctrine.
    2. Good but eventually yielded to (greed).
    3. Judas was a (Zealot).


Turn to Matthew 23:3-10


  1. A LIFE OF TRIUMPH           


Quick introduction to Peter:

  1. His name- “Simon, who is called Peter.”  Jesus called him Peter. Greek word means (a piece of rock, a stone).
  2. His personal life- 

1)      He was a (fisherman).

2)      He was (married).

3)      He was the (leader) of the apostles.

4)      He was (raw material).

3.   His humanity. 


Turn to John 21: 15-19 



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