Counter Measures Required


SERIES: Supremacy

TITLE: Counter Measures Required

Scripture:  Colossians 2:16-23


I.    LEGALISM             


Bill’s definition: “Living a life of rules and regulations, of do’s and don’ts, of “you must avoid and must do these things.”

Many times legalism is used (to ride herd) and as (gauges for spirituality).  They are often used as (weapons) to keep people in line.

Legalism is the religion of (human achievement).

3 thoughts about legalism:

        1. Legalism is (joyless).
        2. Legalism is (uniformity).
        3. Legalism is (surface).


II.   SPIRITUALISM                 


A pop culture way of saying this is (mysticism).

Paul has dire warning against this garbage. They were (pretenders). They were guilty of (spiritual pride) and devoid of the (Holy Spirit).




Webster: “The practice of strict self-denial as a measure of person and especially spiritual discipline; rigorous abstention from self-indulgence.”

“Ascetic religion is basically godless, for its practitioners essentially worship themselves.” Alexander McClaren


Next week: Theme: Truth!/ Series: Supremacy

Title:  Be Careful What You Pursue!- Col. 3:1-17



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