Prayer Needs For The Week

Prayer needs:

School-related prayer:  Please pray for students, teachers & parents and        administrators during this time of restrictions and for the success of e-learning & homeschool teaching.   Please keep our college students in prayer as well.

Public safety:  Please pray for the safety & well-being of our law enforcement, healthcare workers, grocery, pharmacy & restaurant employees, for everyone still required to work away from home.

Nurses & Doctors: (we have been asked to pray specifically for these folks):   Emma Weiler, Valerie Bault, Melissa Venable, Bristi Hey, Taylor Hawkins, Stacy Sims, Lanette, Amanda Hutchison, Linda St. John, Erin, JR, Kris. Dr. Jurooli, Dr. Kamoni, Dr. Ericson, Dr. Hardesty, Lindsay Hill, Kim Noon Richey, Mary Jo Noon, Rachel Jackson McKenzie Simieon, Quaid and Ali McKinnon, Emily Pavich

HealthOur friends battling cancer:  Judy Arnett (Lynn & Madi’s sister-in-law); Bob Turner (Rusty Turner’s father);  Betty Patton (Terri Wainscott’s mother); Riley (10 y/o son of Vicki Tarrence’s cousin), leukemia; Kim Henson;  Tammie Deckard (relative of Markland’s);  Steve Cox (brother-in-law of Karen             Anderson/Donna Keith); Col. Allen; Jim Glaser (Kathleen’s brother); Jim Ervin (Mike’s brother); Tom Stierwalt (Gail Horn’s cousin); Camy Quiggins (niece of Chad & Terri Dow)

Other prayer needs & health concerns:  Will Borders; Cassie Hoene; Karen Warner; Logan St. John (Michael & Jamie’s son), Lyme disease; Nancy King; Bryan Phillips (friend of Query’s), stroke; Kathryn Anderson (Rob & Becca’s daughter), Lyme disease; Layla Hamm; Ryan Laws (13 y.o. friend of  Grandi’s); Dave Murphy (Mark’s brother); Berkley Groomer; Wendy Mader; Payslee (newborn, friend of  Chambers);  Crystal Wyatt; Josh Murphy (Mark & Dawn’s nephew); Vicki Hollowell (Jo Grandi’s  sister); Mike Barger; Jerry Standeford; Heidi Lillard (Phil &  Karen Eckart’s daughter); Grace Pendleton; Joshua Stuiso.   

Healthy pregnancy:  Emily Pavich (expecting twins); Mehgan Clemens (Mark & Holli Truesdel’s daughter)

Sympathy:  Our sympathy to Michelle Smith (Kris Samick’s cousin), on the loss of her father, Maurice Smth.

Recovery:  Kathy Talkington; Alexander Chambers, surgery

Military:  Phillip Morrow; Chris Erb, North Carolina; Jacob Cutler; Sam Allen;  Jessica Parmer, in Colorado; James Sparks; Shane Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in Idaho; Nick Hickman (Linda St. John’s nephew), in  Colorado.  Please keep all our military service people and their families in prayer.








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