Midweek Message 10/21/2020

Midweek message #31


Good morning and welcome to a new MM.  I don’t know if you are still liking this or not, but I do want to thank you for allowing me to drop by into your inbox.  Even if I go into Junk Mail I guess that is better than being rejected completely.  I have a very fragile ego, you know. 🙂  Anyway, I do hope your week is going well. The weather sure has changed hasn’t it? Like almost overnight.  We sure needed the rain though and even though it put a crimp in my reading to Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten class Monday (and my planned ride afterwards),  I was glad to hear that sound on the roof of my house and the church building.


Sunday was a big day for OVCF. We have been together as a church family for 16 years. It was a fun day. I was glad to have Wayne give an update on the Facts & Figures side of things, our Building Fund, and our Mission giving.  Hope and Sally talked about the Connections Women’s Ministry.  Dawn introduced the kickoff for Operation Christmas Child {Side note: most of the boxes were taken! That is fantastic so look for more to be available this week}.   Ryan gave us a great report about the youth program from pre-pandemic to now. Then I was excited to share what is happening in the future.  In case some of you are unable to watch the video due to computer issues or were unable to catch all the details, I hope you don’t mind a short recap from me.

  1. There will be no Fall Day of Service due to the safety and hesitation of some people. But we still want to serve our community. So we are offering the Thanksgiving lunch by delivery and curbside pick-up. (We promise we won’t try the Frisbee delivery system) 🙂  I still need a coordinator for that!
  2. We will do the same for the Christmas breakfast. Along with that we will offer bags of groceries to those picking up or accepting delivery.
  3. We will not be doing the Giving Tree this year but will, instead, be giving money to Tri Kappa to help with their “Christmas Shopping for Kids” project this year. They buy for children whose names have been given to them through the school. There are various reasons for our actions this year, but at least for this year we will be partnering with a local organization to make Christmas special for children in need.
  4. The Building Team meet on 10/12, the first time since the pandemic shut things down. We are exploring options for adding space and will be brainstorming some on 11/9. Your prayers would be much appreciated.


My comments Sunday were all focused around two intangibles:

  • Our Mission: To Connect People to Jesus
  • Our Vision:
  • Be passionate pursuers of Jesus
  • Be models of truth and love
  • Be involved in our community


Then I made this statement and our whole morning showed this to be true:




There is no logical explanation for how OVCF has come through and thrived as we have navigated our way through this crisis which has gripped us all and affected each of us in some way. The only explanation I have can be found in Ephesians 3: 20-21:  “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think {My addition: “or imagine”}, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever, Amen.”


If you would like to get a better picture of what all was said yesterday by everyone, I’d like to encourage you to check out the church’s FB page or YouTube channel.  Oh, and don’t be overwhelmed by the time stamp on the YouTube video. They combined both services into one video. Yikes! A three hour service!! Double yikes!! I’ve been accused of liking to talk but that is sort of much. Anyway, you can slide the button on YouTube and catch either the first or the second service.


I’d like to give a big shout-out to the adults and their helpers who have been teaching the youth during our 10:45 service since we opened that area one month ago.  A huge shout-out to Jasmine St. John and Stacy Wood for teaching the pre-school age. Kaedence Beckwith has also been a helper. JuliAnne Wiegand and Erin Pendleton have been teaching the Elementary class Age 6 through Grade 3. Their helper was Gracie Wainscott.  Terrie MacMorran and Steve Pendleton have taught the Elementary students Grades 4-6. Helpers have been Cooper and Cammie King.  What a tremendous blessing they have been so a great big Yip-yip goes out for them!


I’ve come to the end of my page limit for the MM. I have enough room to tell you that I love you all and to have a great rest of the week!

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