Midweek Message 11/11/2020



Good morning and welcome to MM #34!  I hope you are having a great week so far and that the rest of the week is even better.  Okay…so where to start? Well, I can promise you this: it will not be politics.  Tell you what. Let’s make a deal.  Let’s leave all that junk behind during this MM and talk about some good things.

The past few MMs I have tried to focus on people who are making a difference.  I have told you about the teachers and helpers in our youth department.  I wrote about how some of our young people are taking the initiative and helping our youth program by leading in worship during their group time.  I told you about the two ladies who make sure our youth sign in area is running smoothly. And last week I mentioned to you about the individuals who are helping in the live stream area. This week I want to draw your attention to the other “unsung” heroes on Sunday mornings.

  • Did you know that every week I send an outline of my sermon to Diana, Ryan Spires (who still puts content on our website) and hand-deliver one to Jo? I’m guessing you can probably figure out why I do that. 🙂 Every week Jo sits in front of the computer and types my outline on Power Point slide after Power Point slide. She does the same for all the songs we sing. She proofs it over and over to make it right. Even Tami has helped some. I think she is fantastic! (No bias there). Week after week she does all the typing and except for help occasionally from Kathleen Glaser Armacost and Tami, she is there every week for both services.  Fun fact: I have occasionally said, “Hon, please put up the next slide” and it wasn’t her…it was Kathleen! I sure am glad Gary is a good guy!
  • Every week several people run the sound board. Times have changed and with new technology they may think they are not as important, but I disagree! After all, they control my mic. (Now that is scary!) Thanks Ray, Linda, Macy, Vicki, and Emily (a newbie)!
  • I’m betting I forgot someone so look for an apology next week. LOL


Every week there are some forgotten people. They are those who tune in online and watch the live stream. It is easy to forget them as “out of sight out of mind” but that would not be fair. They stay home for various reasons. I know some who have jokingly (least I hope it is) commented they really enjoy watching church from their recliner, in their pajamas, and a bowl of cereal in their lap. I hope it isn’t in their lap but in their bowl. Others are watching because of health reasons. I know some who are watching because they are unable to come so far. My friend, Dave from Arizona, is one of them. I also know there are some who prefer to stay home due to Covid.  All are legitimate reasons (except maybe the recliner one 🙂 ) but truthfully, I am glad to see there are those who watch. That is why live streaming is here to stay. I miss seeing the folks on a personal basis but respect their wishes and it warms my heart to know they still care enough to watch. I long for the day when we can all rejoice together again.

We have been through a lot in 2020. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share some thoughts with you from Dr. Lee Warren, a brain surgeon and a podcaster I listen to. The book of Habakkuk in the OT is a very short but powerful book. Habakkuk asks the same questions we all have asked sometime in the past, in the present, or may in the future: Why? and How long?  Here are six helpful lessons I gleaned from Dr. Warren’s podcast;

  1. God’s ways are different than ours, but we can trust Him.
  2. God is always in control, even in times of great chaos and confusion.
  3. God always wants what’s best for us, but sometimes getting there is really hard.
  4. Our job is not to always understand HOW God works, but to trust that He IS working on our behalf all the time.
  5. We can never find peace or joy in circumstances, only through faith.
  6. We get frustrated when we think God should work on our timeline, but we get peace when we relax and realize His timing is always perfect.


If you take the time to read Habakkuk you will notice he wants answers to his questions. I’m going to be honest: being patient and waiting is not a strong suit of mine. I’ve gotten better as I’ve matured but it sure is taking a long time! I think the lesson we can learn is important. We have no control over things in our life-daily routine, spouse, children, world events, you name it- but we know the One who does. I figure it’s time to trust Him with my daily life and the outcome of every day. Any takers with me?

On a more serious note: with the recent outbreak of Covid in our community, we have decided it is wiser to cancel our Thanksgiving meal for the safety of all involved.  Maybe Christmas will be different!  I love you all.


Pastor Bill

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