Eyes of Discernment

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: Eyes Wide Open

TITLE: Eyes of Discernment

Scripture:   John 4


According to a survey, what one quality are non-Christians and lapsed Christians looking for in a person with whom they talk about faith? 62% say (listens without judgment).




Standing between Judea to the south (which included Jerusalem) and Galilee to the north (which included Nazareth and Capernaum) was (Samaria).  To the Jews, Samaria was considered (no man’s land).  Why?

1.     The division of the kingdom after Solomon’s death.

2.     The northern kingdom set its capital city as Samaria.

3.     The Assyrian army overtook the northern kingdom and intermarried and the people became known as Samaritans.




Jesus bypassed her belligerence because He had this uncanny ability to see beyond (the surface) and discern what was really (on that person’s mind).  Jesus saw the hurting woman and knew what she needed. All she (wanted) was something to save the endless, hot trip to the well. All she (needed) was the water of life Jesus was offering.

To put it simply: this woman needed (love).  Let’s track their conversation.

How are we as Christ-followers to act? Remember two words: (discernment and judgment).  They are different. Discernment is the ability to (distinguish what is good and what is not). Judgment is more of an (attitude issue).  Discernment requires correct perspective, while judgment requires an attitude of me vs you.

Discernment is required. I John 4:1 and Acts 20 show us that.

How does a person listen without judgment?

1.     It means you (really listen).

2.     It means you (empathize) with what they have to say.

3.     It means you see through (God’s eyes).


Next Week: Eyes of Endearment- Mk 10: 13-16; Mt. 18:1-6


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