Midweek Message 05/19/2021



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #58.  Thanks for letting me come your way and into your inbox.  I hope this week has brought you good news and God’s blessings in ways you never even dreamed of.


After the school year we have had with all the COVID protocol, it is hard to believe graduation is upon us.  We have a fairly long list of both high school and college graduates. We have been asking for your help in giving us names of the graduates.  Here is a list of the ones we have. If we are missing anyone, it is important for you to get ahold of Diana at the church office (812-828-9840) or via email (secretary@ovcf.org) to let us know.  We plan to recognize all the graduates on Sunday, June 6th.  Well…here is the list:

  • Kristi Arnold (OVHS)
  • Colby Beckwith (OVHS)
  • Justin Chandler (Lighthouse Christian Academy, Hendersonville, TN)
  • Meilynn Dow (OVHS)
  • Grace Pendleton (OVHS)
  • Gracie Wainscott (Wainscott Academy) 🙂
  • Kahner Welch (OVHS)
  • Tiffany Frye (B.S. in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Tech)
  • Amanda Hutchison (Bachelor in Nursing from WGU)


Like I said, we have tried very hard not to exclude anyone. So please let us know if we have!


I thought I would let you in early on something OVCF is going to be involved in.  You might remember the food giveaway at the Middle School that had traffic backed up onto the highway. There is going to be another Outreach Event which will involve much more than food.  Clothing, feminine hygiene products, and shoes will be given away as well. An organization out of Indy by the name of Servant’s Heart is partnering with the Spencer community to make this possible. Aaron LaGrange, principal at OVMS, has been the one to spearhead it. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 19th from 9-3:00 at the OVMS and OVHS parking lots. We will not have to provide any items for the giveaway. What will be needed is people willing to “man” the tents where the items will be available. It will be split into shifts so no one is there all day (unless you want to be).  At this point they are talking about 7-9:00 for set up; 9-12:00 for the first shift; 12-3:00 for the second shift; and 3-5:00 for the tear down. There is another information/planning meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 25th.  I will have more concrete plans for you after that meeting.  I just want to give you a heads up so you might consider where and when you can help.  For years we did the Day of Service (DoS) but due to COVID, and possibly it running its course, we have not had a DoS for two years.  This will be a great way for us to be involved in our community again! It is time for things to happen and for us to be actively involved in some way. Think about it…please.


Here is another friendly reminder about the 5th Sunday coming up, May 30th.  We will be inviting the young people to worship with us that morning. The nursery will be open for any who need it (but not “manned”). Ryan and I will be sharing the “preaching time” in order to just talk with you.  Look for a different approach that morning!  I think you will like it.  The Grand Opening for the nursery is planned for June 6th.  Your help is needed for that ministry.  Contact Ryan if you would like to help in the nursery rotation.


Ladies, don’t forget your hike this Saturday at MCSP. Plan to meet at Deer Run/Trail 9 at 1:00.  Please call Gail Kempe (765-346-0492) if you have any questions.


In my journey through the NT, I cracked open the book of Ephesians this week.  In 1:15-23 Paul prays a powerful prayer.  I’d like to break that prayer down a bit.

  1. He thanks God continually for them (the Ephesians).
  2. He prays for them to be given spiritual wisdom and insight so they may grow.
  3. He prays their hearts will be flooded with light (enlightened) so they can understand the hope they have been given.
  4. He prays they will understand the greatness of God’s power seen in raising Jesus from the dead and that He is seated at God’s right hand.
  5. He prays they will understand God’s authority in all creation, especially His church.

His concern is more than “God bless them” or “God be with them.” To run the race and finish well we have to go deeper.  It starts with praying for others and for yourself.  Let’s all make a commitment to do so.


Hope you have a great week. Love you all.


Pastor Bill

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