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2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: Eyes Wide Open

TITLE: Eyes of Forgiveness

Scripture:   John 8: 1-11




The scribes were (lawyers).  Four major groups:

1.     Pharisees- (legalists)

2.     Sadducees- (liberals)

3.     Zealots- (rebels)

4.     Essenes- (withdraw)

Several issues stand out with this scenario:

1)     Where is the man?

2)     Was this staged?

3)     Purpose behind this whole grand scheme?




Jesus stands firm, refusing to compromise His principles.

1.     He speaks to the men.

“The hands of the witnesses shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterwards the hands of all the people.”  Deut.17:17 (NASB)

2.     He speaks to the woman.

“All truth and no grace breeds legalism; all grace and no truth breeds licentiousness; truth and grace breeds freedom and life.”

            Three tremendous lessons to learn:

1)     Her sin was not just set aside; it was (forgiven).

2)     Forgiveness rests upon (God’s grace).

3)     Forgiveness rests upon the Lord’s (forgiveness).


Next Week: Series: The Servant King

Title: Best News Ever!- Mark 1: 1-20


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