Midweek Message 08/11/2021

Midweek message #70

Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #70.  I really appreciate you taking the time to let me into your life as you read this.  I hope your week has been a good one so far.

With school back in session, we want to emphasize the importance of prayer for our school/college administrators, teachers, staff & students. This past Sunday I mentioned during the prayer time that we are going to start giving you the name of an educator(s) to pray for during the week.  I sincerely hope you will take the time to remember our school personnel during the week. Look for the first name this week.  This is such a crazy time and for many, a trying time.  Patience, understanding, and a spirit of cooperation is so necessary. Agree or disagree with some of the policies still does not justify a rebellious and spiteful attitude. As followers of Jesus, let’s set the example of being servants and being Christ-like in all things.

What I am about to share with you is really, really important…especially for those of you who watch the service live stream. Due to some scheduling conflicts, we will only be streaming the first service this coming Sunday. The two who normally do the live stream for second service have conflicts which could not be avoided.  So the first service only will be live streamed.  It will be posted to the FB page and YouTube as always. If you happen to miss the live stream as it happens, you can watch it either at 10:45, or you can watch it sometime later. Or you can come see it live!  🙂 Just kidding. I do appreciate that it is live streamed. We normally average around 35-40 folks per week who watch from home.  Karen Turner has done a fantastic job of being really committed to doing the first service and Joe Pavich has been crucial to the success of the second service.  Thanks Karen and Joe!

That brings me to something which I need to share. This shows how much we need some others to step up to help.  For example, when Karen is unable to be here for some reason, Ryan not only does the live stream, he plays the drums!  No, he doesn’t have the iPad in one hand and the drum sticks in the other.  He’s talented, but I’m not sure he is that talented! 🙂 But the scheduling conflict shows our need for more folks to help.  If you are willing to learn, you can be taught. And honestly, we need you! If you are interested, please see Ryan or Joe Pavich (contact the church office for his number) to express your desire to help. Joe will be glad to teach you and walk you through it. You will not be handed an iPad and then told, “Here you go!” then be left on your own.  Do I have any “takers” out there?

I’d also like to remind you again about the upcoming visit from Mike, Trisha, and Ryan Laws.  We have a picnic/pitch-in scheduled for the 28th at 6:00 at the church shelter. If the weather doesn’t permit that (too hot or raining) we will have it indoors.  This will be a fantastic way to meet this wonderful family so you can ask questions and then enjoy Sunday without saying to yourself, “I would really like to talk to them.” They have a tremendous testimony to share about God’s faithfulness through their whole ordeal of the kidney donation and transplant. There is so much more to the story! Jo and I were able to visit them last Thursday evening at their home and we had a fantastic couple of hours talking. (The burgers and mac & cheese weren’t bad either!)  It was hard for me to believe it was time to go…close to 3 hours later. We have decided to change our approach that morning and I believe it will much more beneficial. You won’t have a chance to meet their daughter, Brooklyn. She will be starting at West Virginia University this weekend. We are hoping to somehow make a video or find a way she can share her thoughts.

One thing I ask: please sign up for the pitch-in the next two Sundays. Jo and I will be providing the burgers and hot dogs and would like to have an idea of how many to plan for.

Don’t forget our mission focus for this month is Backpack Buddies. This is a food program begun a few years ago and this past year it served over 200 students from pre-k through high school with food to take home over the weekend and during breaks. This particular program is close to Linda St. John’s heart and she has made a display showing options of what is needed on the back table. Diana has also printed out a list of items that you can refer to when shopping. This will go through the end of the month so please consider helping in any way you can.

Have you ever noticed how close and attached you get to people? Pastor Ryan’s schedule this summer has been all upside-down with camp and his visits with his dad and now his time away from the office with his family. I think I speak for Diana and myself when I say we miss him around the office!

I hope you are continuing to read the gospel of Mark each day to prepare yourself for Sunday’s sermon. We will be in chapter 7 this week.

Please be in prayer for the Brandon Staley family. He was an EMT who suffered a heart attack and passed away on the way to the hospital, while administering aid to some young people in the ambulance. He was 46 and leaves behind a wife (LaVonne) and a son (Logan) and two grandchildren.  His last words were, “Take care of these kids (those in the ambulance).” He is a hero in my book.

I could fill up the rest of the MM with mindless chatter, but you would notice it is just that. You might even say, “WOW! Miracles still happen. Pastor Bill ran out of (meaningful) words to say.”  So rather than give you an opportunity to say that, I’ll just close.  I do hope you have a terrific rest of the week.  Remember I love you but Jesus loves you even more.


Pastor Bill

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