The Deadly Lure of Legalism

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: The Servant King

TITLE: The Deadly Lure of Legalism

Scripture:   Mark 7: 1-23


Two ways to look at the Bible:

1.      Progressive Christianity- (liberalism)

2.      Legalism- (very closed approach)

  I.        THE CHARACTERISTICS OF A LEGALIST (1-13)         

#1- A legalist honors God with their (lips), resulting in (false worship).

#2- A legalist makes the Word of God (vid), resulting in (disobedience).




Every one of us has the (root of sin) inside us.

To the Pharisee, to the legalist, (outward is everything).

Corruption is not (external), but (internal). Impurity is not a matter of the stomach but of the (heart).  Defilement is not what goes in but what comes out.

The basic problem with humanity is not (what we do) but (who we are).

The point is clear: it is always (about the heart).


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