Midweek Message 08/04/2021


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #69.  If this is your first time receiving the MM…Welcome!  Diana works hard trying to keep the files updated and we spent some time Monday morning doing just that. So you may be receiving this for the first time and in case you wonder why…now you know. J  If you are a “veteran” then thanks for hanging in there with me.

The past few days have sure been very “non-August” in the weather department.  It has been a nice reprieve but did you ever get the feeling that summer isn’t over yet?  I’m sorry to say, though, for all school personnel (teachers, students, aides, administrators, etc.) summer is over. Officially. School starts here in Owen County on Thursday. I am pretty sure it starts all over our area this week as well. Here are some thoughts for you to consider:

  1. Pray each day for all school personnel. Perhaps you might like to split them up into different days. For example, Monday=teachers. Tuesday=students. And so on.
  2. Pray for their safety to and from school. Pray for their safety while in school. Pray for a good environment. Pray for wisdom for the teachers (they already have the knowledge). Pray for a spirit of cooperation among students with other students and students with teachers. Pray for our school corporation and the leaders to make wise choices. Going along with the status quo, and doing what other districts are doing, may not be the best for our students.
  3. One big suggestion: be careful while driving. I have to admit one of my worst fears is early in the morning or right after school hearing a siren from a police car or the ambulance. Don’t be in such a hurry if you are driving during “go or leave school time.”


If you are the parent of a student, you have my congratulations. J If you are a student, thank a teacher that you can read this.  Just kidding. I pray for you to have a great school year.

It was great having the 3 couples and their families from Chi Alpha this past Sunday. The video was top-notch and their short, precise presentation was spot on. I told the leaders at the elder’s meeting Monday night that I appreciated the video because it focused on the students at IU. It focused on the life change Christ is bringing to lives through Chi Alpha. I want to thank you for making them feel so welcome. I love what Derek said. “It is very rare when we are invited into a church. Usually it is us contacting a church to see if we can come.” I love that OVCF’s leaders are so open to something different. Just to let you know: we are taking on a challenge we decided we wanted to do. Instead of just sending $50/month for one couple or for them to split it, we have taken on the challenge of sending each couple $50/month until at least the end of the year when we will reevaluate as the 2022 budget is worked on.

Another challenge we accepted Monday night: we support the Old Folks Home in Liberia. These folks have nothing. Until Revive Liberia stepped in these poor old folks slept on dirt floors with no amenities. The young people on Sunday morning take up an offering and each month it goes to the Old Folks Home. We supplement what is collected so it reaches $50.  Jeff shared that the need is really great since the price of rice alone has skyrocketed.  We decided to bump our giving to $100/month, at least until the end of the year when it too will be reevaluated.

Both of those are possible because of your generosity. Thank you so much for helping us meet the Biblical mandate Jesus laid down: “When I was hungry, you fed me; when I was thirsty, you gave me something to drink; when I was naked, you clothed me; when I was in prison, you visited me.” “When did we do that?” they asked. “When you have done it to least of these you have done it to me.”

Sunday morning I saw a phenomenal display of service. The Chi Alpha families all had children. They were “consigned” to sit and listen in the adult worship during first service (they would have had a chance to sleep during the sermon) until someone stepped up and volunteered to take the kids to the youth addition and allow them to be creative. I won’t mention the person’s name because she would be mad at me (and she wields a mean stick). Seriously though, she has no idea how much that meant to me, the parents of the children, and the kids. But that is what the church needs! People who will step up and say, “I will do this.”  You might be saying right now, “No way would I do that with kids. They scare me!” That might be true, but we have other areas where you could serve. Greeters on Sunday morning to simply say, “Hi! It is nice to have you.” People who will mow the church lawn. People who will learn how to do the live stream. People who will spell Jo doing Power Point, especially for the second service. (She says she is getting old and having trouble staying awake during the sermon. It isn’t the sermon. Right? RIGHT???) People with a knack for small children who will take a turn in the nursery (See Pastor Ryan about that). There are so many places help is needed. Being a servant is being like Jesus.

Pastor Ryan will be out of the office from Saturday, the 7th to Tuesday, the 17th. He will be back in the office on Wednesday, the 18th. If you have any needs please contact me or Diana. He and his family are enjoying much-needed and much-deserved time away from the office.

Please don’t forget the Laws family will be with us Saturday, the 28th for a pitch-in cookout, and then will be sharing their testimony of God’s faithfulness through Ryan’s transplant on Sunday morning. I’ll put more information in subsequent MM’s. I’d just like to ask you to set that weekend aside for a great opportunity to hear of our great God and to meet Mike, Trisha, and Ryan.

Gotta go. Hope you have a great rest of the week. I love you all.


Pastor Bill

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