Midweek Message 09/29/2021



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #77.  I hope you are having a great week and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather we have been having. Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this. 


17 ON THE 17TH


OVCF is celebrating her 17th anniversary on the 17th of October.  Below is probably the most comprehensive gathering of information in one place. 


First off…GREAT NEWS! I announced Sunday that we found a tent. Trust me when I say it was no small task. First, let me answer the obvious question: why a tent, especially when we have a perfectly fine building? To be honest, there was a desire of the staff and many others that we find some way, somehow, to be together as one body that morning. Many will be okay with having two services normally, but there was a real strong desire to have just one that morning. It has been so long since that has happened and we wanted it to be this particular Sunday. Some may be asking why we didn’t go to Abram Farm like we have in the past. Two words: weddings and logistics. October is a full month with weddings at all times of the month, so we chose not to even consider that. Plus, the logistics of getting all our equipment there, having someone do sound, setting up and tearing down just seems so daunting. So with those two factors combined, we decided to celebrate here. However, putting everyone in the current space was going to be really uncomfortable in so many ways. That is when we came up with the idea of having a tent and an outside service. What we didn’t know was how hard it would be to find a tent!! Ryan tried for several days and kept waiting for one organization to call him back. When they finally did (it was a No), he had to bow out because of other commitments. So I started calling around. I kid you not that I called all over the state of Indiana. Indy. Greenwood. Clarksville. Evansville. Terre Haute. The answer was a No each time. We were looking for a 40×60 or larger tent. None were available. We ran into Homecomings. Covered Bridge. Weddings. You name it. Finally, I found one who could rent us a 40×40 from Shelbyville! And yes, you read that right. Smaller tent and Shelbyville. But it was an answer to our prayers so I made the arrangements and Diana worked on the details of the contract.  There are several more incidentals to work out on our end-like where to put the tent which would best suit us; where to put the stage which is being provided; recording it for live stream, etc. BUT WE GOT A TENT!  🙂  Praise the Lord for that. 


WOW! That was one long paragraph!!


Second, feel free to bring a chair. If you have a camp chair or some chair you are comfortable sitting in (no recliners please…LOL) please plan to bring it. If the weather is agreeable, some of you might even choose to sit outside the tent. The least amount of chairs we have to carry out the better. Plus, they might sink into the ground. 


Third, prepare for a pitch-in following the service.  It has been a long time since we had a “full-on” pitch-in. Depending on the weather, we will set up tables inside and under the tent. There is a sign-up sheet on the back table for you let us know what you plan to bring. Chicken will be provided by the church. Chamber’s Restaurant will be making the chicken so we need an estimate of how many to expect. This will be a great time to catch up with people. 


Fourth, the Building Team, represented by Wayne Akerson, will be making a presentation of a future building. We want to keep you informed as to what we are thinking and our progress.  We also plan to put it on a “continuous loop” in the auditorium so you can get a visual picture of our thoughts for the future. 


Fifth, there will be a fully staffed nursery and children’s programs that morning as well.  


Sixth, for those who may not know, our practice has been to take our Easter offering and give it to Missions (unless designated) and our Celebration offering toward the Building Fund. Due to the pandemic, we gave the last 3 offerings to Missions (and God has blessed us immeasurably). The elders have decided to split the 17th anniversary offering equally to Missions and the Building Fund.  As I write this, we have close to $152k in the Building Fund. That speaks volumes about how many of you want a building where we can gather together in one service.  But we plan to build debt-free so every bit helps. 


Sixth, invite your family, friends and neighbors to join us. Cards are available at the back table for you to use to pass around. 


I’m excited about this special day. One sidelight: my sermon will be “Let Me Remind You” from Mark 14:1-31.  I can already anticipate a long but very satisfying day. I am sure you will want to join us!! 


Something other than our 17th Anniversary: I am really appreciative of the Worship Team (WT) stepping up this past Sunday and giving Dick & Vicki Hogan the opportunity to be away. (Besides, Dick also had hand surgery). Many thanks to Zach Hogan who stood in as a replacement for his dad. The rest of the WT also did a phenomenal job leading us in worship. As I say that, I want all who are on the Worship Team from week to week to know that I deeply appreciate your hearts and willingness to lead us into worship. Many Sundays I stop singing to just listen, and I get goose bumps sometimes listening to their voices and yours as praise is lifted to God. Thanks to the WT and to you for your singing. 


And I better sign off since I have been long-winded this week. I love you.


Pastor Bill 

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