Words for the Wise

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: The Servant King

TITLE:  Words for the Wise

Scripture: Mark 13


I.        AVOID PANIC            


“Sometimes I like to read the conclusion of a book first to see what I have to look forward to. Well, I have read the conclusion of his book, the Bible, and guess what? We win!!” (Anonymous)

Thought #1: (Avoid Panic/Expect Persecution)

A broad sweeping capsulization of verses 1-23:

1.      Deception is coming, so don’t be (led astray). (1-8)

2.      Persecution can be expected, but don’t be (anxious). (9-13)

3.      Tribulation will be intense, so be (on guard). (14-23)


II.        ESCAPE JUDGMENT      

How should we look at the second coming?

1)     Jesus will come again to (gather His people). (24-27)

2)     Jesus will come again and the (time is near). (28-31)

3)     Jesus will come again and only (God knows when). (32-37)


Next Week: Tell Me that Old, Old Story- Mark 14:43-16:14


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