Midweek Message 12/08/2021



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #86. I hope your week is going well and you aren’t too swamped by all the “Christmas stuff” that has to be done.  Thanks for letting me into your inbox today.


If you came in person or watched online this past Sunday, you already know that I was not here.  We went to Ohio for a couple of days to visit family. Our original plans were to be in Arizona from November 16-21 visiting with my friend, Dave, of 3 Feet Please, who retired in November after 30+ years at the company he helped start.  It really isn’t hard to understand that…Indiana…Arizona. ..November.  He texted me this past weekend to tell me it was 80+ degrees there.  I held my tongue and told him, “Ha. It’s 30-40 here. Eat your heart out.” J  Anyway, we had to postpone that trip (possibly until March) due to Tami’s heart attack and Dave’s wife’s crazy schedule at this time of the year. She teaches disabled children in a public school.  But after preaching 49 out of 52 weekends this year, I needed a break, so we made arrangements to leave town for Ohio. Jo visited her sister in the nursing home on Friday in Sandusky (where it snowed on us as we drove) and we spent a lot of time with Janna and Braden.


Sunday was a real treat for us. We were able to attend Adventure Church with Mike and Ryan Laws. After 17 years at one church they began attending Adventure last August. Some of you will remember Mike, Trisha and Ryan coming to speak the last week of August about their journey through Ryan’s kidney disease and Mike donating his kidney to Ryan. Ryan is healthy and came through COVID really well with just a minor cough.  Mike also asked me to pass along to you: “Please tell your church hello and thank you again for keeping our family in your prayers.” I told him I would.  We enjoyed our visit to Adventure and it looks like they have found a good church family. But I have to admit that I missed being here and look forward to seeing you all Sunday. It is nice to know though, that when I am gone things are taken care of.  Thanks to Pastor Ryan for filling in for me. Jo thanks Crystal and Linda for taking care of the Power Point and Ryan and Diana for taking care of communion.


With Christmas just around the corner OVCF is like about every other church. Lots of hustle and bustle. I love that our building is being used by various organizations and groups throughout the month. Monday the Owen County Chamber of Commerce used the children’s addition for its monthly meeting and Christmas meal. All this week Seven Oaks Classical School is using our building in preparation for their Christmas production Friday and Saturday.  WRE uses our building on Tuesdays during the school year. We have a play group/Bible study group using the nursery some on Wednesdays. Thursday evenings, BOLD young adult ministry meets in the children’s addition. Sunday night’s ROOTS youth group meets here. Their final meeting for this year is Sunday, the 19th.  However, with all that activity, the church office will be closed on December 24th and 27th.



Please keep in mind that we will be having one service on December 26th. We will be meeting at 10:00.  We know that could be a Catch-22 for us. We could have a ton of people which could stretch our facilities (a nice challenge to have) or people may be suffering from post-holiday syndrome and fatigue and decide to stay home.  J  The nursery and youth programs will also be happening that week!


Congrats are in order for Brock Groomer and Tiffany Frye and to Jordan Kinser and Lindsey Sparks on their recent weddings.


One more thing before I close with a word of encouragement: We will not be having the Christmas breakfast for the community this year. Maybe next year.


I cannot leave this edition of the MM without sharing something I read Tuesday morning during my morning Encounter Time. It comes from Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp:


“It’s humbling to write this, but it’s true: Jesus did what He did not because of something special He saw in us, but because of something holy and pure that was inside Him. The Christmas narrative simply removes from every one of us any reason for boasting. There was not and is not one person who has any ability to earn or deserve the greatest gift that was ever given…In three words Paul tells us what motivated Jesus’ journey from glory to earth: ‘He humbled Himself.’ “


“You and I don’t really expect powerful leaders to be humble. We expect a bit of arrogant swagger.  We expect some boasting of accomplishments and an enjoyment of the results of acquiring power. But the Lord of glory didn’t choose to bask in His glory; instead He emptied Himself, took the form of not just a man, but of a lowly servant man. What humility!” (Pages 86-87)


I have been praying for me and for you to have a fresh view of the Christmas story, for God to take the “tired story of Christmas” we hear every year and to let it come alive in my heart and yours.  I know He is doing that for me because I am asking in faith, believing He will. I also pray for you to experience that as well. I am totally blown away by this truth: “Jesus left what was His right, to guarantee for us a place that is not our right but is a gift from his humble hands.”  (Ibid-p.88)


I hope you have a good rest of the week. I love you all and look forward to seeing you Sunday.


Pastor Bill



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