Unexpected News

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: Expect The Unexpected

TITLE: Unexpected News

Scripture: Luke 2:8-20


I.    WHERE ARE ALL THE CELEBRITIES?                   

Shepherds were despised everywhere. It was considered one of the occupations everyone (needed) but nobody (wanted).  Why?

      1. Shepherds were (dishonest).
      2. Shepherds were (unreliable).
      3. Shepherds were (unsavory characters).
      4. Shepherds were (unclean).
      5. Shepherds were viewed with (suspicion).

Luke is reminding us, by mentioning the shepherds, that the kingdom of God isn’t just for the (insiders) but for the (outsiders).


How do we process the event?

      1. Look at the event.
      2. Look at the moment of the message.

What was their response?

      1. (Wonder) Let’s call it another word: (worship).
      2. (Putting feet to their worship).
      3. Telling all who would listen what they had been told.

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