The After Christmas Expectation

2021 THEME: Life on the Edge

Series: Expect The Unexpected

TITLE: The After Christmas Expectation

Scripture: Phil. 2:1-11


I.        A YEAR FILLED WITH UNITY                     


Church fights come as a result of two things:

1.       Downgrading of (God’s Word) as the authority

2.       Two or more get a (burr in their saddle) not tied to #1.

What binds us together?  (striving together to make Christ known).

(Selfishness) is the root of every sin.  It is a (consuming and destructive) sin.




It is important to acknowledge this: we have a natural bent to be (self-centered).

The way of the worldly leader: they expect the (best of everything). They are given the highest places of (honor and respect). They expect to (be served) not (to serve).  That was not (God’s way)!

We can’t follow Jesus by His deity, incarnation, and perfection, but we can follow His example of (humility) as expressed in His incarnation.


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Series:  Against the Grain   Title: Here for a Reason-Esther 4: 1-14

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