Midweek Message 03/23/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #101. I’m guessing many are saying, “UGH!” after having been on Spring Break last week. I’ve talked to several who have said it was hard for them to get back to work or to school after being out for a week. Even those who stayed around here seemed to have enjoyed their time of relaxation. Long story short, I hope your week back to normal hasn’t been too bad.  J

I wanted to pass something on to you that I heard this past Sunday. But first, a little backstory to fill you on why this is so important. This past weekend (Friday and Saturday) a funeral visitation and service took place for a relative of one of our folks. Because it was Friday (my day off) I am ashamed to admit that I “spaced it” and simply forgot about the visitation on Friday night. When I realized I had forgotten the visitation I was mortified and was beating myself up a little bit. I lost some sleep over it as well because I wasn’t there for the folks who lost a loved one. Sunday morning I apologized to the couple for my failure to attend. I say this carefully: I was never so relieved after I heard what they had to say. They were quick to forgive and say it was no big deal (which I was grateful for) but it was what they said next that had me beyond thankful.  They said it was no problem because several others had shown they cared. They received a card of sympathy from the Care Team Ministry. When they got to the visitation there were flowers from the church which showed them we cared and were thinking of them. Then on Saturday, one of the elders went to the visitation which took place before the funeral service. And while they were grateful for my words, they made sure to tell me I “wasn’t needed” because several others made them feel special. People stepped up to the plate in a big way!  I want to give a big shout out to the Remembrance Care Team for doing what the whole Care Team Ministry is designed to do: reach out to those in our church family. And thanks to the elder who made his way on a Saturday morning to visit and offer his condolences.  {Sidebar: while I am thrilled they stepped forward, I’m going to try not to let that happen again on my part.}

I also know of other Care Teams which are preparing to be ready whenever the need arrives. I know the Safety Team has been actively making sure all our medical supplies are in stock and up-to-date. They have also been actively watching and being alert on Sunday mornings, which I deeply appreciate. I don’t want to ever think something will happen, but I am also not naïve in this day and age. The New Baby Care Team has also been stocking up in order to help new mothers transition well. The Wellness Care Team recently delivered food/medicine to one of our families. I’m excited to see the teams meeting and setting some goals to meet the needs of our folks.

For the past couple of weeks we have been announcing our Resurrection Sunday service will be at Abram Farm. For those “veterans” you already know a lot of work is needed to help get things ready. For you “newbies” here is a list of what we need to do.  All of this has to be done on Sunday morning since we cannot get into Abram Farm until 7:00 AM due to a wedding on Saturday night.

  • Thanks to Zach Hogan providing the sound for us (as he did at our celebration outside this past Fall), we are spared having to cart all our sound equipment over. But there is still a need to take equipment from here to there. We also need help unloading the equipment from his trailer and bringing it into the building.
  • The biggest need will be setting up chairs and some tables and we need all the help we can get! In the past, due to the help we have had in that particular area it has taken us about 1-1/2 hours or so to set up.  That also allows for us to make adjustments if needed.
  • Because of a different traffic pattern entering the building we need some greeters who will show people where to enter and once inside to hand out bulletins, song sheets, and communion elements (we will be using the pre-filled ones).
  • There is minimum parking available so we will need help with making sure all parking spots are filled. You may ask, “How can I help?” The biggest way is to consider parking at the church parking lot and carpool with others. This has worked well for us in the past and we anticipate it will again. Thanks for your help.
  • Perhaps the hardest part is the tear down. I know folks are eager to leave for family things, but if we have everyone’s cooperation immediately, that makes things go quickly and also stops us from having to come back later in the day. The chairs and tables need put away, communion tubs and clipboards collected, and help with the equipment being taken back out to the trailer and vehicles for transport. I’d like to ask you to maybe consider giving an extra 10-15 minutes if possible to help with the teardown. As it has been said, “Many hands make light work.”


I know this is a lot of information to digest all at one time, but writing it to you now, and then reminding you along the way, will give you an opportunity to consider helping. I can guarantee you it will be much appreciated.

There is also one more item you need to be aware of. Having our service there hinders us from having any children’s programs. We can offer a place for a nursery, although unless someone or some folks want to step up, the nursery will not be staffed.

I’m excited about being all together in one place, and what better day to be together than Resurrection Sunday, the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

This is also a good time to bring you up-to-date on the Building Team (BT) and our progress. First, we have had to slow down some due to the pandemic. But you all have been phenomenal in your consistent giving to both our weekly need and to the Building Fund (BF). Currently we have $203,064 in the BF. The BT met this past Monday night to dream about the building, begin putting our dreams on paper, and to also start the process to secure an architect. May I ask you to please be in prayer for the whole process? We are going to continue investigating and pursuing ways to build, all while keeping in mind that we are going to pay cash for it.

These are exciting times! Just remember I love you.

Pastor Bill

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