Midweek Message 04/28/2022


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #106. It is so good to be able to communicate with
you in this way! I hope your week is going well.

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day. As I mentioned in last week’s MM, this is in the category of “I
NEED YOUR HELP.” Mother’s Day is only a week and a half away and as we have published in
the bulletin and in last week’s MM some things will be different.

  • There will only be one service that day at 10:00. So make appropriate plans to either be
    here early or plan to watch it via live stream. Of course, I’m hoping you will be able to be
    here in person.
  • The service will be different that morning. I will not be preaching (no comments needed
    from the peanut gallery).   I have mentioned this in years past that I sometimes feel
    awkward preaching on MD. For years, I stood and preached as though I knew exactly
    what to say and how to make things better, as if I understood women. I got wiser as I
    got older and so there are times I have tried to mix it up a bit. This year I sent a text to
    10-12 women asking them who their hero was among the ladies in the Bible. I then
    thought about using the answers as my preaching points. But after receiving answers
    from all the ladies and seeing how varied they were, I changed my other mind. I thought
    it would be interesting to hear from the ladies themselves. Some declined for various
    reasons. Two are going to be out of town and offered to do a video. A couple said yes
    but there were some who hesitated. When I offered a different approach, they said,
    “Count me in.” So the different approach it is. But…you will have to wait until that
    morning to see what it will be.
  • It will be crowded. Of that, I am pretty sure. AND THIS IS WHERE YOUR HELP IS
    NEEDED! I talked to Pastor Ryan and Diana to get their feedback and then asked the
    elders their thoughts about having one service. Some adjustments will be made to
    accommodate more seating but please come prepared for it to be a tad bit crowded.
    Keep telling yourself it will be only for one week. The youth programs and nursery will
    still be active.
  • If you are concerned about it being too crowded for your comfort, then I encourage you
    to watch it via live stream. But…I do hope you will come.


Let’s talk about Graduate Recognition Day.

  • First, the date is May 15th . We will honor our graduates at the 10:45 service.
  • Every year we honor our high school and college graduates and every year the staff
    comes up with a list. We then ask you to make sure your child is included. We are asking
    the same thing this year. We have a ton of graduates this year and want to make sure
    we do not leave anyone out. You can help us out by contacting Pastor Ryan or Diana
    with the name of your son/daughter if they are graduating. WE DON’T WANT TO
  • Please make every effort to be here so we can honor your student.


Let’s talk about the Day of Service. In MM #104 I began to highlight the upcoming Day of Service. Here are some particulars for you to know.

First, the date is May 15th . Yeah, that will be a busy day. (That is also the last day of
ROOTS for the summer).
 The plan is to offer a light lunch here after the second service (about 12:30 or so), pray,
then head out to serve from about 1:30 (or sooner) to 3:30.
 We have a sign-up sheet on the information table. Please let us know if you can help so
we can count on you, plus have enough food.
 What will we be doing? We have received a request from the Lewis-Worman
Homeowners Assoc. to help some of their residents with light work like cleaning gutters
and raking flower beds. The Chamber of Commerce is providing all the garbage bags and
gloves and pails to hook onto the ladders. We will need to bring ladders and rakes. Even
if you are unable to help, if you want to provide any of those items just put your name
on it and we will get it back to you.
 If you are unable to do physical work, you can still help!! We would love to have folks
who will chat with the homeowners while we work. Many of them are by themselves
and would love for someone to chat with. Doing that is far more important than you

In next week’s MM you will find a link to do a real short survey (like 2 or 3 questions). It is from
me and I’m seeking your input. Just giving you a heads up on that.
Jo has always told me, “Bill, when you are done, stop talking.” Do you think she knows me? She
is referring to my preaching-encouraging me to not ramble on and repeat myself. So, I am going
to take her advice on this week’s MM. But I won’t leave until I tell you I love you and hope you
have a fantastic rest of the week.

Pastor Bill

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