Midweek Message 06/22/2022



Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #112. I am so grateful you allow me into your world each week. I don’t ever want to take that lightly or waste your time.


As you know by now, my surgery is history.  See the end of this MM for some thoughts on that whole thing. I’m definitely not moving as fast I normally do but I simply pray each day brings improvement. I have to remember not to overdo it.


Father’s Day 2022 is history! You already knew I was excited about the special Father’s Day event we were having. I can honestly say I loved it and relished hearing some of the men speak. I heard chuckles, laughter, and applause, and have heard from a few of you who totally appreciated it. I can’t take any credit for it other than pulling it together. The real “heroes” of the morning were the men who put themselves out there and spoke. My thanks to Will Schneider, Daniel Hamlin, Rob Anderson, Mike Edwards, Bruce Fisher, Tony Courson, Jim Markland, and Bruce Davis.  Three other men also made contributions to the morning: Brad Brinson, Mike Basey, and Dave Keith.  I have several stories to tell:

  • Some of our folks forgot about the time change. One of them told me she was ready to just turn around and leave when Jeff encouraged her to stay and helped her and her son find a seat. After it was over she told me that and said, “I am so glad I stayed” and got a little teary-eyed.
  • Another came up after me and said, “Thank you! It was so good and I just wanted to tell (name removed by me) to just keep on talking another hour.” Hmmm. How come no one tells me that? ☺
  • “Each man was real and it was so good to hear stories from different perspectives.”


Long story short: thank you men for taking part and thanks to many of you who took the time to thank them and to say a few words to me which I could pass along.




This next part is something I held off from sharing in last week’s MM. In fact, I had it written and included, but then decided to hold off. In last week’s MM I gave you a list of upcoming sermon series: “7 Cancers” and “8 Cures,” as well as a series focusing on what the church is all about.  November and December seem to carry their own focus.


What you don’t know is that I have been giving 2023 some serious thought.  What I am about to say might interest you, blow your mind, or completely turn you off (I hope not). In thinking of 2023, I am considering the theme of “Victory.”  I can hardly believe I am telling you what I am about to tell you. From April 18th to June 2nd, I did a series of blogs on my “Shadow” blog on the book of Revelation. I took a chapter a day to blog about, except when I read Revelation 2-3 (the 7 churches). I am considering starting 2023 by preaching through Revelation- not on interpreting it, i.e. “this means this” and “that refers to that” and “this is a sign of the times” (I’ll leave that to the scholars), but on the main thoughts from each chapter.  What is strange, at least as you look at it from man’s viewpoint, is that a brand new book came out last week that piqued my interest. It is called “Blessed” by Nancy Guthrie. I trust the publishing company she uses but know nothing of her. But after reading the first 5 chapters, she takes the absolute same approach I did in my blog and plan to for the series. Anyway, here is where you come in at. I’d like to know your thoughts on that. I realize this is June and that is January, but it is running through my head now and when you get old you have to “put things on the table” when you think of them.  ☺  My desire is to preach the Bible, and to avoid a book or some subject because it is difficult or “scary,” is not doing so. However, at the same time, I do want to preach what you might be interested in (I’ll hold off on preaching through Leviticus), so please feel free to put in your .02 worth.  You may email or text me if you want.  And just to put a further perspective on it: I have NEVER in almost 50 of being a pastor, preached on Revelation. In fact, except for sermons on the 7 churches in chapters 2-3, one from chapter 4 on worship, and maybe one on heaven from chapter 22, I have not preached a sermon on or from Revelation. To put it bluntly, I have avoided it like the plague. No more! So, again, let me hear your thoughts.


Please let me remind you again to pray for Pastor Ryan, Hope and the other faculty and campers who are at High School Wilderness Week at Hilltop. Temps are to be close to the mid ‘90s. In fact, Tami thought it was funny because her weather app showed a sun with a cactus on it. ☺ I think that means it is supposed to be really, really hot and that means they will really need covering with our prayers.


Just one last thought before I go:  I wrote the following the morning of June 20th for my “Shadow” blog. I hope it helps you.

Surgery was a success so the doc says. It is 6 days in and in my mind the jury is still out. I know part of it is being a man. You know…I want healed yesterday. I want to feel better yesterday. I want to be able to ride my bike yesterday. But with him having to do more than he thought, this is to be expected.

Except in my mind.

I had visions of my last back surgery. The removal of a bone fragment on a nerve brought instant relief!! Maybe too instant.  Not this time. It is going to take some time for my spine and legs to function normally.

That reminds me of today’s verse from Proverbs which I highlighted: “A man’s steps are ordained by the Lord; how then can a person understand his way?” (20:24 NASB2020)

Exactly! I have in my mind the way things ought to go or to be. God has something different in mind. The reality is that He will reveal His ways and His thoughts when it is His time. And only His. Not mine.

The lesson about my back (Heal me yesterday!) is mine. The lesson from the Book and from the Father is God’s timing is right and true and will prevail. My steps are ordered by Him and I cannot know His way or timing.  So are yours. Walk in His steps.  Love you much.

Pastor Bill


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