The “Queen” Cancer

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: Seven Cancers

TITLE: The “Queen” Cancer

Scripture:  Proverbs 8:13; 16:18


     I.        THE FRUITS FROM  THE ROOTS       


Three common fruits of pride:

1.      (Self-promotion)

2.      (Self-pity)  “Humility is not the belittling of self; it is the forgetting of self.”

3.      (Self-righteousness)


   II.        HOW TO KILL THE ROOTS                   


“Nothing is more distasteful to God than self-conceit.” J. Oswald Sanders


Conceit has been defined as a “blend of self-absorption-that is, narcissism-with an overestimate of one’s abilities or worth.”  So pride is (thinking much about one’s self and much of one’s self).


A few more observations:

1)     We are each capable of turning what we see in the mirror into (our god).

2)     Pride destroys our ability to (connect with others).

3)     Pride always leads us to (isolation).


How do we kill the root of pride?

1.      We need to learn (humility).

2.      We need to boast in (something better).   Turn to Jer. 9:23-24


Next Week: The Green-Eyed Cancer- Pr.14:30; I Sam.18:6-13; I Peter 2:1-3

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