Midweek Message 09/07/2022


This will not be a full-fledged Midweek Message. I said in last week’s message that Diana will be gone later this week to spend some much-needed and much-deserved time with her family.  She will have two days to get her normal 5 days’ worth of work done.  Since she helps me with the MM by editing it, I wanted to give her time by not spending it on this. However, there are a couple of items I need to bring to your attention, hence this Flash Midweek Message.


Wayne Akerson has asked me to publicize the Small Group Meeting on September 18 with the following addition:

OVCF Small Group Study (September 18th through Christmas)

Starting September 18th (Sunday)

Meeting every two weeks

5pm to 7pm in the OVCF Children’s Addition


The Man. The Myth. The Legend.: Getting to Know the Real Jesus.

His name is known all over the world. He is the central figure in the world’s best-selling book and the subject of thousands more. He lived two thousand years ago and only taught for three. Although he never left an area the size of New Jersey, people today will travel across oceans to share what He said. What is it about Him and His message that makes His reach so unending? Who was Jesus? A man, but perhaps more than a man. Do you know the real Jesus? It is time you find out.

Questions? Text Wayne Akerson at 812-287-2497

If you have any questions about small group this will be a great time to find answers!


Some prayer requests & updates:

Praise: Tim Huffman’s family located a hospital bed! J  He currently is in the new IU Rehabilitation Center on Curry Pike but hopes to go home soon. Tim has had a long haul recovering from losing part of his leg due to diabetes, a battle with COVID and various other medical issues. His desire is to be home and this bed will help tremendously.

Chris Wainscott is in a Rehabilitation Center in Carmel for continued care following surgery and illness.  Please pray for Chris, Kori, Gracie, and Mollie.

I learned late Saturday and shared with the church on Sunday morning about 4 year old Maverick Pendleton. He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor which is moving down his spinal cord and involves major vessels. Removal is not an option but chemo and radiation are.  Surgery is to be Tuesday (yesterday) or Wednesday (today) and will be an all -day surgery.  The tumor may impact his speech, vision, and arm and leg weakness on his right side.  They will not know the stage of cancer until the surgery. Please pray for Maverick and his parents, Josh and Becky. They are friends of Caleb and Amanda Hutchison.

Jackie Helderman has three bulging discs in his back. He will meet with his doctor later this month.

I heard late Sunday that Becky Schrock was in Bloomington Hospital with complications from a previous surgery. As of Tuesday, she was still in.

While I’m at it I’d like to remind you to pray for our Educators of the Week: Robert Boltinghouse (Principal of OVHS) and Jerry Bland (Asst. Principal of OVHS).

One final reminder: Logan Cain headed out Tuesday for a month’s duty at San Diego where he will  finish his basic training before being transferred to Missouri, where he will trained to be an MP officer in the Marines.

Thanks for praying for these folks. We have many others as well. Please check the bulletin Diana sends out weekly. Have a great week and know you are loved!


Pastor Bill

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