Give Peace a Chance

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: Give Peace a Chance

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 9


    Total of (10,624) battles in history (2019). Of the past 3400 years there have been (268) without conflict.  (2003). Of the 244 years of US history, only (15) have been peaceful. (2020).


Before answer what a peacemaker is we need to answer, “What is peace?”  The Hebrew word for peace is (Shalom).  Psalm 85:10-“Graciousness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.”

What is a peacemaker?

        1. A peacemaker is characterized by (honesty)
        2.  A peacemaker is willing to (risk pain).
        3.  A peacemaker is a (fighter).


II.  HOW CAN I BE A PEACEMAKER?                         


The imperative to make peace is found in several Scriptures: Romans 12:18 and 14:19.

James 3:16-4:2. Eph. 4:3


Solomon tells us what peacemakers do:

        1.  They (build up each other).  Pr.14:1
        2.  They watch (their tongues) and (heal) rather than (hurt). Pr. 15:1
        3.  They are (slow to anger). Pr.15:18
        4.  They are (humble and trusting). Pr.28:25


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