20/20 Vision

2022 THEME: For Such a Time. . .

Series: 8 Cures

TITLE: 20/20 Vision

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 8


I.    WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE PURE IN HEART?                                          


God desires that our hearts be free from (pollutants, irritants, and impurities).

The first term we must clarify is “What does it mean to be pure in heart?”  Turn to Psalm 24: 3-4

The second term to clarify is “What does it mean by heart?”

To be “pure in heart” means that not only our minds but our feelings and actions are to be concentrated (singly on God).

II.   WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “SEE GOD?”           


“Seeing God” means to know Him intimately, which means you know His heart, His perspective. You see life through His eyes. You see what God sees.

How can I see God?  (“borrowed” from Kent Hughes)

1.       Be absolutely (honest with God).

2.       Realize and acknowledge that only God (can make your heart pure)

3.       Fill yourself with (God’s Word).

4.       Think about how you (want to be seen).

Next Week: “Eight Cures” Title: Give Peace a Chance- Mt.5: 9

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