Midweek Message 01/11/2023


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #139. As I write this it is supposed to warm up again this week. We go from bitter cold to the 60s to cold and then back to the 50s. Can I just put my vote in for the 80s and 90s and settle it? J Oh well, that’s life in Indiana.   My friend, Dave in Arizona, texted me two weeks ago and said, “-20 in Indiana? Seriously?  I was out walking in a light sweater this morning and will get rid of that this afternoon.” It was in the 70s. I asked him if he wanted to trade places and for some odd reason he said, “No.” Such a fair-weather friend.

Remember to pray for Angela Mayle this week. Angela is our Educator of the Week and teaches Special Education at SES for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.

Congratulations to Ryan and Katie Keene! On January 2nd they became the proud parents of Genevieve Eloise. She joins big sister, Kalia, and big brothers, Conrad and Calvin.  There is a reason I don’t bet in any way, shape, or form. I would have lost in the “name-the-baby-Keene-little girl.” I was trying to figure out a name beginning with “K” or “C” and failed on both counts. I’m just thrilled Genevieve is healthy and has a loving family to welcome her.

Please continue to pray for Will and Sarah Schneider. They are expecting baby #3 in May. Brantley and Stella are not too thrilled they will be welcoming a baby sister into their family.  They wanted a brother.  J  But I’m willing to wager their disappointment will change as soon as mom and dad bring their little sister home.

On another subject: For the past couple of years, Adienne Robertson and Gail Kempe have been meeting at the church building on Monday nights at 6:30 to pray for the church and individuals. They have been joined occasionally by others, but I have to admit my admiration of their commitment to pray. They are extending an invitation to any woman who would like to join them in praying. This is not a social hour; this is a “commitment to pray” hour. There have been very few Mondays over the past couple of years when they have not met to pray. If you carry that same burden then feel free to join them. You may contact Adienne at davadienne@hotmail.com for more information. Cell phone reception is very weak at their house, so emailing her is the best way to reach her. Gail has also said you may contact her as well at gehiker@gmail.com or you can text her if you prefer. Her number is in the directory.

Speaking of prayer:  I think it goes without saying that one of the most neglected areas of our spiritual lives is prayer. We were raised (most likely) on the “God is great, God is good” or “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your Name…” formula. One church where I was the pastor made a weekly recitation of the Model Prayer mandatory. All was fine until I stopped saying it one morning and the building went silent.  It wasn’t because I had stopped, but because they were unsure what to say next. At that point, I decided I would discontinue that practice and only say it when I felt the Spirit moving me to do so.

Prayer is hard work. It is important to remember that no earthly relationship can be sustained without communication. Try not talking to your spouse or a friend from years ago and see where that takes you. (Then again, I don’t suggest doing that with your spouse). A relationship cannot be maintained without open and constant communication. I guess the question I have then is how can we expect to maintain a relationship with our Father in heaven when our communication is so spotty.

Pastor Ryan recently gave the elders a book he was given at a recent event he attended called Prayer and Fasting. I began reading it last week and found several interesting paragraphs worth underlining as I read.  They apply to us:

“If we are to tap into the power of God to create genuine, Spirit-led revival in our time, we must personally pray…The absence of powerful prayer is one of the reasons we do not see the power of God unleashed upon the church or our culture.”  (P.37)

“To see things happen in our church we have never seen before, we are going to have to do things we have never done before…It comes down to this observation. When there is a lack of prayer, there will be an absence of power. When there is an abundance of fervent, heartfelt prayer, God’s power will be evident among us. And it will be awesome to see!” (p.39)

If you listened in person or online to Sunday’s sermon, you might remember I asked for prayer…lots of it. It is not just for working on the Revelation sermons (which I specifically asked for) but every day. I rely on your prayers and don’t take them lightly. This past week someone sent me a meme she found on FB that had to do with praying for your pastor. I told her I appreciated the thought and that I definitely needed the prayers.  So…I’ll ask you again to make sure you pray for me each day. And I can promise you the same. Starting January 1, each morning I take the church directory and pray through one of the letters and for each person under that alphabet letter.

Sunday’s sermon, titled “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” is from Revelation 1:1-8. Please take a moment to read it and pray through it before you come. Thanks. Have a great week and remember you are loved.

Pastor Bill




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