Midweek Message 02/15/2023


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #144. I’m not sure where and when I heard it this past week, but someone expressed my thoughts to a “T.”  They said they hoped the groundhog was wrong. After the mild, but windy weather this past week (I consider it mild as long as no white stuff is falling from the sky), I’m most inclined to agree. I hope you were able to stay earthbound. ☺

Please remember to pray for Jeanna Srinivasan as our Educator of the Week. She homeschools her daughter and son, as well as being involved with teaching in the homeschool co-op her family belongs to.

I began writing this on Sunday so by the time you read this it will be old news. I’m going to make a prediction about the Super Bowl. I predict either the Chiefs or Eagles will win.  I’m so wise it scares me. One good thing has taken place in the NFL. Since the tragic incident with Damar Hamlin (collapsing on the field), there has been a renewed interest in God and prayer, especially among the NFL. For now, the “woke” NFL has become a sport where God has, in many ways, come front and center. Both SB quarterbacks (Mahomes and Hurts) are godly men who wear their faith very prominently. There have been other players who have spoken up about the importance God plays in their life and in their game. Brock Purdy, the last player chosen in the NFL draft last year and given the nickname “Mr. Irrelevant,” is very outspoken about his faith, even after his rise to prominence to being a vital part of the 49ers offense. And Damar Hamlin is not wasting his brush with death by staying silent about his faith.  It is easy to be skeptical about all of this, but I say, I don’t care where it starts, I will only say our country needs a revival. And in case you were born under a rock: the Chiefs won. Now for baseball!!!

I received a really nice card this past week from one of the couples who attends OVCF. They were really grateful for the live streaming of the service which allows them to keep up with the sermons and what is happening at home. I say that to encourage all those who are involved in the live stream week in and week out. Who knew that when COVID hit, and we would have to start live streaming our services that it would continue to be such a vital part of our outreach. Each week we have people who watch our live stream-some local and some not. I am so glad there were some who had the foresight to start the live stream and then make it possible for us to upgrade our equipment. Here is what I’d like to ask. If you receive this MM and watch the live stream, would you mind taking a moment and email me at pastor@ovcf.org and tell me how it has impacted you? I’m not looking for accolades; I’m looking for words of encouragement to pass along.

On another subject: some of you may be wondering what is happening with the plans for building expansion. I looked back through past issues of the MM and found that last time anything was said was MM#126. So I thought I would bring you an update:

  • After several months waiting for one company to get back to us (who had been recommended to us) I contacted another company. They never returned a phone call so at the advice of Jeff Carlson, one of our elders, we contacted Morton Builders. The rep called me back within an hour or so and we have been working with them on our project.
  • We have been receiving pretty solid communication with our rep but we have asked him for more information on a suggestion their design build team made. There was a significant cost difference in the original design we gave them and an additional option they gave. We have asked and are waiting for more info on that suggestion. With the economy the way it is right now, we are going to take it slow and follow God’s leading in it (which we should do anyway). We don’t plan to get ahead of Him and then regret it. As soon as we hear something, and the Building Team has gone over the plans, we will make sure you know.


This past Sunday Robert Herrington gave our Communion Mediation. Robert leaves Tuesday for Fort Benning, GA for active duty. I am grateful he was willing to help out while he was here and now I pray God will use him even more in his new assignment. I’m sure he would appreciate your prayers. I’m positive his mom and dad (Scott and Heather) would deeply appreciate your prayers for him. You know…each week we pray for our Military and Law Enforcement Officers, and it would be easy for it to be something we just check off our list. Following the Educator of the Week list, we will be asking you to pray for each one of our Military and LEOs each week. They deserve better than they get and the good ones we have here should garner our respect. Very soon we will be asking you to pray for them.

One more thing: I think all or most of us are aware of the earthquake that hit Turkey/Syria. It is easy to say, “Well, that is another part of the world”, and while that may be true, that does not leave out the fact that they expect over 53,000 people to lose their lives. I received a text from one of our people on Sunday night-Valarie Akerson. Valarie is a professor at IU and texted: “I have so many former students and colleagues in Turkey affected by the earthquake. Please include them in your prayers.” Further texting back and forth revealed that some were here as students who moved back after graduating. Some are professors in Turkey now. As far as she knows no one who was a former student has lost their life. I told her I would pray; the church would pray; and that I would include it in my MM.  Monday morning I found the following article I would like to ask you to take time to read:



Valentine’s Day is a day to tell those you care about that you love them. So even though I am a day late, I will tell you: I love you.


Pastor Bill

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