The Lion Who is a Lamb

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins!!

TITLE: The Lion Who is a Lamb

Scripture:  Revelation 5:1-8


I.    THE SCROLL                      


To worship is to let the (worth and wonder) of God sink so deeply into our soul that we respond in a (wholehearted reorientation) of our life.

What is the scroll? It represents God’s plans for (judgment and salvation).

Ideas to consider:

        1. Contains (all sacred history) from the cross to the new creation.
        2. The decrees of God are (comprehensive and extensive).
        3. What is written is (precise). Sealed to let us know it is complete and cannot be altered.

Why did John weep?

        1. History is (unfathomable) apart from the person and redeeming work of Christ.
        2. History would be (unknown and unaccomplished).


II.   THE SEARCH             


The One who can open the scroll is given two names:

        1. (The Lion of the tribe of Judah)
        2. (The Root of David)


Next Week: Theme: Victory! Series: The Lamb Wins!!

Sermon Title: The Lamb is Worthy!!- Revelation 5:9-14



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