Midweek Message 04/19/2023


Hello and welcome to Midweek Message #153. I hope you are having a fairly routine week. It has been quite a hectic past couple of weeks for me as well as for Pastor Ryan and Diana. I think we are all hoping for a fairly calm week.

Remember to pray for Amanda Hutchison this week. Amanda is a Cloverdale School Corporation Nurse. She is our school-related prayer person for the week.

Speaking of hoping for a calmer week…

Pastor Ryan, among his responsibilities here has also been the point person for our response to the disaster from the weather event from a few weeks ago. After visiting and surveying and talking with many of the homeowners on Wolf Mountain Road, he not only took totes, he also assessed needs and then handed the reins to Cassie Linville and Jasmine St. John, the co-leaders of the Disaster Relief Team.

  • I am so proud of those two ladies who contacted local leaders, as well as setting up days to help those affected by the tornado that touched down on Wolf Mountain Road and the surrounding area. This past Saturday, with very short notice, there were about 10 (I was unable to get an accurate count) who took 3-4 hours of their Saturday afternoon to help pick up and gather things for several of the homeowners.  Wayne Akerson, one of our elders, took some great pictures of a few of those who helped a very grateful man.
  • This past Saturday, a Disaster Relief response seminar put on by IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services) was presented by Ed Sanow, a rep from IDES. Just to show you God’s way of doing things: this meeting was actually scheduled for an earlier date and had to be rescheduled. Things Ed talked about were very appropriate for us to know.
  • To see how important it is that we be prepared: after the weather event that hit McCormick’s Creek State Park, I almost received a call from the Sheriff’s department to see if they could use our building to temporarily house some of the folks who were affected by the storm. Fortunately, Canyon Inn had rooms available for them. So…it is really important that we be prepared for a possible disaster that might hit our community, whether it be another storm or flooding, or something else. Ed’s seminar was helpful to learn what to do and what not to do and how we could be prepared as a church family, especially with the use of our building.


To go along with the help for the tornado victims, IDES is providing sheds for those who need them. They will be off-loading them here or at another location in our community and then taking sheds to the home sites. The sheds will be assembled at each home. During his presentation, Ed said it takes about 3-4 hours to put each shed together. When that day comes, if you can use a level, swing a hammer, or are willing to be used in any way, your help would be appreciated. We will let you know the location at that time. They supply the foreman. We provide the manpower. The sheds are supposed to be here early May. We will let you know more details as we know.

Starting May 7th, I will begin a series on Faith Over Fear. Several weeks ago I mentioned that I really believed that I needed to set the series on Revelation to the side for this series. I am more and more convinced I “heard” God correctly. I have had a number of folks tell me they are looking forward to the series because they struggle with anxiety, fear, depression, or just a general lack of peace in their life.  I have been working on the sermons already and here is the direction I plan to go in:

  • May 7- What We all Want- Mark 4:35-41
  • May 14- (A Mother’s Day special not part of the series)
  • May 21- Who Me? Worry? Mt. 6:25-34
  • May 28- Three Essentials You MUST Believe- Psalm 13:1-6
  • June 4- Bringing the Giant to its Knees- Phil. 4:6-9
  • June 11- Go Back to Go Forward – Psalm 27
  • June 18- (A Father’s Day special not part of the series)
  • June 25- Drive a Nail through These Truths- Stories from Joshua


I stated several Midweek Messages ago that after saying I would preach on Faith Over Fear, I began to worry about how I was going to develop it. ☺ I needed not to worry. God was more than faithful in leading me to certain passages and stories of people in the Bible who are “poster children” for His work. Please pray for me as I continue working on these sermons. And yes, the plan is after I finish this series to go back to Revelation (unless, of course, God directs me elsewhere).  Hmmmm.

These are exciting times for OVCF. Several in our church family and friends have faced challenges.  We have also had the high times (ask Stacy Wood about that one. I bet she has pictures of that new grandson she will show you ☺ ). Some of our friends and neighbors have suffered property damage as a result of the storm/tornado. I have also heard stories of God’s protection during the storm. But in all things we have seen the faithfulness of God. We are admonished to praise Him through the storm. May we do just that.

Have a great rest of the week.  I love you all and look forward to being with you this Sunday.

Pastor Bill

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