Here Comes the Umbrella!

2023 THEME: Victory!

Series: The Lamb Wins

TITLE: Here Comes the Umbrella!

Scripture:  Revelation 7:1-17

Revelation 7 shows us we are under God’s (umbrella), God’s (protection).

I.   THE PROMISE OF PROTECTION                                                                 

Last week’s recap:

        1. The church should live (adventurously).
        2. The church should live (dangerously).
        3. The church should live (fearlessly).

Chapter 7 is called an (interlude), a (calm before the storm).

What is “the seal?” Those under the seal have an (unchanging salvation relationship) with God and the Lamb.  A seal (authenticates) what it is used on or where seen.

What is the 144,000? (the church of all ages).

II.   THE PROMISE OF PRESENCE                                                

In verse 9 we are about to (join a worship service).

Highlight a change: Verse 17…The (Lamb) becomes the (Shepherd).

The shepherd doesn’t leave his sheep (unattended). One of the most important qualities of any shepherd is to (care for) and attend to the (needs of his flock).

God is (trustworthy).

Next Week: Theme: Victory! (A Youth Sermon)

Title: Enjoy Life! Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:14




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