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Time Change – Fall Back

Don’t Forget to set your clocks back for November 4th – Daylight Savings Time ends!

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OVCF Tshirt Order

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OVCF Celebration

Come Celebrate with us on Sunday, September 23. 

Please join us for an afternoon of food, fellowship and celebration of our 8th anniversary as a church family!

Please see the sign-up sheets and choose what you’d like to bring.


OVCF will provide meat, we’ll need a grill master!

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OVCF WorkDays

OVCF Workdays  Sun 7/29  and  Sun 8/5    2 PM – ?

We need people to help pick up and put away items, clean chairs and tables, etc. Please bring scrub brushes, cleaning supplies, buckets. 

During the remodel, we will be meeting one mile south at the Seventh Day Adventist Building.

Renovation in Progress – Click here for photos


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Construction Underway

Construction of all areas are proceeding as expected.  Updated pictures of progress have been posted.

 Volunteers needed for cleanup, painting, trimwork, etc.   Please see Mark or Bill for any questions.

During the remodel, we will be meeting one mile south at the Seventh Day Adventist Building.

Renovation in Progress – Click here for photos


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Demolition Underway

Thanks to everyone for a great workday on 4/29.

Much was accomplished, however, much is left to do.

If you have time throughout the week to help, please do.


During the demolition and remodel, we will be meeting one mile south at the Seventh Day Adventist Building.

Demolition in Progress – Click here for photos


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Building Team Presentation 03/18/2012


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Building Team Update, March 18, 2012


Good morning!  We have some good news to give to you from the Building Team.  This past Tuesday evening, March 13th, the BT met to discuss the bids and approach we plan to take.  We have some good news…but that good news will involve your participation.


These are some definite and some “about” figures:

Insulation- RWS                       $5750.

Construction- Mike Kilbride      $12000.

Door (City Glass)                      $2000.

Painting (Truesdel)                    $3500.

Electric (Jerry Sturgeon)         $5000.

HVAC (Mark Truesdel)              $1200.

Dumpster (Monster Trash)       $700/28 days

Drywall patching                       $500

Miscellaneous                            $2000.


Total of figures: $32,650.


In that figure are some things you need to know:

  • This is a bottom line number we figure that will get us into the new auditorium with some items left unfinished until or unless other monies come in.  If you will remember, we reported a couple of weeks ago that the BT figured we could get into the renovated part with a minimum of $40k.  We will tell you that in a moment.
  • The miscellaneous figure includes work being done to ready this for the Nursery, pre-school, KidMo and library.
  • Here is the big one:  Mike Kilbride’s bid is $12k less than his original bid but it will require that we do 90% of the demolition work ourselves.


Here is our plan to accomplish this:

On Sunday, April 8th, we have our Special Offering that will go toward our Addition.  We hope to reach $30k on that day. We currently have $14k and some change in the Building Fund.

On Sunday, April 29th, we plan to have our last worship in this building for however long it takes to renovate our space.  (We are hoping 2-3 months. We will be having our Sunday worship at the SDA Church down the road). Immediately following that worship, we will have a quick lunch of sandwiches, sloppy joe, chips, etc and then begin our part of the demolition. Our goal that day is empty all the rooms of furniture, take apart the storage cupboards, pack the library in books, and remove the shelves.  We are asking any help you can offer-fix the meal, supervise children, carrying things, taking things apart, etc.

On Monday, May 21st, construction is to begin.  That gives us 3 weeks to do the demolition work.  I have here a sign-up sheet for you to sign.  We are asking you sign up as a laborer, Carpentry, Electrical, Drywall and to let us know your skill level in those.  We are also asking, and this is very important, how much time you can give to the demolition, and when/time of day.

We are also going to ask you to sign a Waiver releasing the church from responsibility for accidents.

Any questions?


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Jews For Jesus

What:   Jews for Jesus presentation at OVCF

When: Saturday, March 31st at 6:30 PM

Save the date!

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Love Worth Fighting For

When: Sunday, April 15th at 3:00 PM

Where: Calvary Temple, Indianapolis


*Please see Kris Samick for more information.

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Building Team Presentation 02/05/2012


February 5, 2012



On behalf of the Building Team, I (Bill) would like to thank you for coming to this exciting update. What we are about to present to you has not been a fly-by-night thing. It has taken hours and hours of meetings, work, and prayer.


Before I proceed, I would like to thank the Building Team and introduce them to you. I would like to ask them to come up front to stand with me, but I value my life.  These folks have been in one or more of the meetings of the BT and many have played a major role in this presentation today. For those who are new, I would like to ask each one of you to stand so people can familiarize themselves with who you are.

Elders: Chris Wainscott, Jeff Carlson, Jerry Standeford

Building Team:

• Madi Arnett (secretary and taker of notes par excellence)

• Barb Goddard

• Doug & Judy Tucker

• Jerry Standeford

• Phil Eckart

• Dick & Vicki Hogan

• Jerry & Carol Sturgeon (Jerry is a Bton fireman & had to work) (Carol has served as our Treasurer since January of 2011. Due to commitments she has relinquished that responsibility. MJ is now our Treasurer. )

• Ryan Spires (distant suggestions & working with Dick on audio/visual)

• Mark Truesdel

• David Samick

• I served as the spear header of the Team but am the first to admit this presentation today could in no way be made without the former people. Thanks to all of you for your work (Give them some appreciation).


Our first official Sunday in this building was October 3, 2010. We came with excitement to be in our own building after being at the complex for 6 years. We knew it was too small, then we were hit with some devastating financial news in 1/11, but you guys really pulled together. We also tried different options with worship. The leadership knew though that the desired option was to be in one worship. We all felt something was missing, particularly the closeness that comes from being together. An effort was made to start looking into building, but whopping bids of $120 & 123k for a new septic system set us back on our heels. In late August/early September of last year, the leadership talked and realized that something had to be done. Our lack of space was hurting us in more ways than one. They put the challenge before me that if anything was to get done; I would have to spearhead it. So I asked the Building Team to meet again on Tuesday, September 13th, to discuss the building needs. I began by telling them that when it came to building specifics like bids, construction, etc I was out of my league. I needed their help. Our first attempt was to investigate adding on to this room to the north. But we were told that we would have to add bathrooms, which means what? Septic. That was out of the question so we sat in the KidMo room, and suddenly everyone felt deflated. I challenged us to think outside of the box when Mark Truesdel came up with the idea that we are going to present to you today. I tell you all that, and what I am about to relate to you, so you will know the process we worked through.


1. Why we needed to do something. Here are the 4 reasons we came up with:

  • Growth
  • Space
  • Crowd Control (Testimony)
  • 1 Service

2. Brainstormed possible building scenarios if money was no object. We came up with 11. Since money was an object, we narrowed it down to one. That is the recommendation we are making this morning. Our proposal was brought to the elders and they expressed some concern for the timing (we wanted to start earlier) and whether we had exhausted all efforts concerning the septic. Their concerns were legitimate. We held off until January 10th to investigate their concerns. On January 9th, they gave their “Go.”


3. The choice we made, and the only one we feel fits in line with our budget and needs at this time is a Renovation of the current area from the Men’s bathroom, which currently houses KidMo, the Nursery, Pre-school, an extra room and the overflow room.

• We will go from the current 800 Sq. Ft in this room with a low ceiling, to almost 1800 Sq Ft with a high ceiling.

• Nursery, Classrooms, Library and storage will be built in this current meeting room.


4. We realize it is a band-aid, but we believe it is an effective one. Why?

• There is very strong talk, if you read the Evening World that the 95 acres across the street will be purchased for light industrial business.

• That means a sewer system. We have been told that McCormick’s Creek Park is now interested in hooking onto the sewer.

• Proposed use is approximately two years which will give us 2 years to fill that space and save money for the future.


5. Mark Truesdel has volunteered to serve as General Contractor for the project, not taking any money for his efforts. He will save us about $18k in the process. Jerry Sturgeon volunteered to help in any way he could.

• Mark has already begun taking bids from different sources on drywall, demolition, construction, painting, spray foam, and others items.

• He will do the HVAC for cost of materials and labor (his workers) and Jerry will be doing the electric for cost of materials.


6. Where will we meet during that time?

• Estimated construction time is 2-4 months. With the danger construction brings it was felt that we should not try to meet here, so we contacted several other places.

• IGA was yes. Mr. LaGrange, principal of OVMS said yes. We checked with the Sports Complex. Each presented their own challenges. We contacted the SDA up the road. If you will remember we have met there during the flood. The SDA has given their okay for us to use their building and since they no longer have the school, we are free to use their rooms, nursery, etc. It will also be the easiest to direct people to. We are grateful for Madi’s work in contacting people.


7. What are we proposing?

• You must block out any image you have in your mind and consider a room with no walls and a high ceiling.

• This is an artist’s conception of the room. Dan Drewes did this drawing for us. It is not to scale and so some of it will be exaggerated. {Explain drawing} I have made extra copies of the drawing. If you would like to pick one up after we are done and go into the room and envision it for yourself, then please feel free to do that. If you have questions, just ask.

• As mentioned, we also plan to renovate this section for classrooms with soundproof walls.

• Some of the cost will be kept down by our preliminary work of taking off trim, doors, moving furniture and cabinets, and other miscellaneous items. We will set some nights and a Saturday (with lunch provided) the week construction is to start.

• Our hope is to begin construction the first part of May.


8. What is the cost?

• The cost will be somewhere in the $60-70k range. Obviously, we cannot give you an exact-to-the-penny amount. We have allowed for some percentage of increase.


9. How will we pay for it?


We have been telling you of a Special Offering for Easter Sunday, April 8th. We would like to pay cash for this renovation. The current Savings account looks like this:

  • Savings Only: $4690.80
  • Building Fund Only: $13,806.71
  • Total Savings: $18,497.51


We are going to challenge and ask you to get together with your family, spouse, and especially with God to determine how you want to invest in the future of OVCF. Easter Sunday, April 8th is a big day for us. We will be having a thermometer showing the Building Fund as it is contributed to. You may prefer to give as the months progress. Just make sure to mark it BF. However, what we ask you not to do is to use your regular giving to contribute to it. Please keep in mind that the normal financial responsibilities still take place.


Any questions?





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